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Victoria dance school has organized several famous art schools in China to Singapore art exchange performances and lecture activities (Wuhan Conservatory of Music, Guangxi Institute of the Arts, etc.) to successfully participate in and organize the activities of the session of the Chinese Cultural Festival "Chinese style "series of dance and musical evenings, Victoria dance school has become a brand in a series of activities of the Chinese Cultural Festival.

Locally, Victoria dance school has organize and participate on several occasions in the Singapore National Day performances, Singapore Chingay Parade, and other social activities, Victoria dance school has successfully held the first National Dance Competition in Chinese garden Singapore 2003, many primary, secondary schools and community groups have come forward to participate in our event, the event was very successful, and set off a wave in the local dance popularity.

Victoria dance school in recent years has organized various arts professionals from home and abroad, combined with modern and traditional, and cultural characteristics of local diversified, actively developing educational courses for local students to learn the art of dance, entertaining way, so that the students not only learn dance skills as well as have a better understanding of the Chinese culture. "Learning culture through dance” are loved by many students. We will be continuing developing and to provide more interesting and useful courses to students.

Victoria dance school is in the midst of building a exchange platform for more professional dance performances, a great learning experience and opportunities for local students who love the art of dance performances. For instance, in 2011, we began to organize the International Youth Dance Festival activities to date 2 sessions have been held , the first session was held in Beijing, China, in 2011, the second in Taipei, Taiwan, and Beijing, China in 2012. 3rd Dance Festival will be held in Singapore 2013, as the performance professional level is relatively high; the performances of all the local schools are invited base on Gold Award or above results in the previous SYF competition team.

In 2011, we work with Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Citizens’ Consultative Committee, for the Mid-Autumn Festival and New Year's lights festival performances, so far, three large-scale lighting celebration performances has been held and each was a success. Every stage has 200 to 300 artist performing, stage performances include: dance, song, drama, acrobatics, martial arts, and reasonable integration of modern & traditional themes in every program. The performing artists are from local and foreign professional bodies. Each primary and secondary school actively participate and support the large-scale performances.

In the course of development, the Victoria Dance School brought together a group of excellent art of dance professional from home and abroad, to create a wide range of performing arts achievements, promote and spread the traditional art of dance, and active learning and the use of modern dance, we not only teaches professional dance knowledge, but also to encourage the exploration of its pioneering dance; as well as improve the overall quality of students in physical and mental health by dancing exercise