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Wuhan Music Troupe participate "Chinese Cultural Festiv

At the invitation of Singapore's Victoria Dance Academy, our Troupe has 26 people under the leadership of the Dean and Head of the Troupe, February 23, 2004, went to Singapore to participate in the Tenth Chinese Cultural Festival, which lasted 10 days. completed, a small show of 10 games, counseling seminars four games by the warm welcome and the high degree of attention of the local people and the media, was a complete success.

Performances in Singapore dance piece: “nao yang ge” “xiao huo.si xian.ma ying hua”, “su you piao xiang”,"mu ge","dang qun”," tu jia han zi” piao niu”,”tong xing” “gan hong”, “da shan yi ren” musical program: the Zhao Yi zither Solo "zhan tai feng” Zhou Hong, pipa solo" shi mian mai fu”; Hu Zhiping erhu soloist" yi zhi hua” and Xu Hua solo, "ni hao ma”, "huo ba jie de huan le”, and so on. Art troupe receive favourable comment by the audience and local media newspapers.