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The Huafa Troupe Presents "Chinese style 2011"

The event, Zhuhai, Guangdong Art Troupe mainly presents the Troupe from across the country of all ethnic groups from more than 50, the national arts professionals in the country belong to the class of professional standards Troupe. This group since its inception in 2008, the show presents the high standards at the national level, has CCTV Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival (2009 and 2010) for two consecutive years to participate in performances. The regiment since its inception more than 20 performances in large national or international evening performances, with impressive results! This regiment first came to Singapore to perform, classical repertoire. Meanwhile, the Singapore Association of Performing Arts Presents program, where Malay compatriots play the zither, to encourage a lot of interracial compatriots generate interest towards Chinese arts.

Valentine blame away from the night, actually the eve of the Acacia."Each to the Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon will always evoke our unlimited thoughts wandering homesickness lover missing loved ones think of hope. " The Moon Represents My Heart "the zither and dance the dialogue;" Nung "beautiful voice; well as a group of "blue peacock" in this "edge" springs dance, a beautiful girl singing "moon", musical instruments, songs manifested in the form, show more than a dozen different nationalities of art associated with the moon. minorities bright and eye-catching costumes, the innovative folk culture, the professional dancers aesthetic performances, the audience revisit in the poetic. The Chinese love, shared the full moon.