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Chinatown Lunar New Year lights celebration

1. Traditional Chinese Culture and arts activities, large and small scale are held annually by Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Citizens’ Consulative Committee, to provide a good platform for the various ethnic populations in Singapore to understand and participate in the traditional Chinese culture and art。

2. Chinatown Lunar New Year and the Mid-Autumn large series of activities usually ongoing month-long. The highlight of each year is to promote Chinese culture and art as Lighting celebration is the beginning of the festival and has far-reaching impact 。

3. Every lighting celebration, the organizers will invite famous arts organizations from home and abroad to participate in, hundreds of actors on the same stage. Performances content include dance, acrobatics, musical instruments, theater, opera, dragon and lion dances. The celebration was attended by guests who are local dignitaries and celebrities for Industry and Commerce. The scale of this activity and the performers in the form of extensive compete is one of the important activities for all the media reports at home and abroad.

4. Since 2011 ourinstitutions, has collaborate with the Chinatown Association, and responsible for carrying out the annual Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival lights celebration performances. As To date, we have successfully organized 2011 & 2012 Mid-Autumn Festival as well as Chinese New Year lighting celebration large scale performances.

5. 2013 Lunar New Year celebrations we are actively organizing them, we have invited Dance Artist from Taiwan, Taipei National University of the Arts Troupe as well as teachers and students of the International School of Art in Beijing, China to participate in this light celebration. Senior Mentor Lee Kuan Yew will grace the opening ceremony as well as watching the celebrations. It brings a fresh start and new beginning for the year.