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China Guangxi Institute of the Arts Perform Classical Repert

Singapore Victoria Dance Academy organized, Guangxi Academy of Arts Chinese ethnic arts troupe presents, full-length folk dance concert "Chinese Odyssey 2008" effect through dance, music and dance, will take viewers to the distant, Guangxi, China.
Guangxi Arts College is one of the famous art school in China, members were invited to visit many times United States, and Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other places, and has received golden and silver award in the Chinese authority at national level competitions, which brings programs of the College, is the prize in the national competition of dance music in recent years. The evening will be divided into "charming Guangxi" and "splendid China" two parts to show Chinese customs lines, included Guangxi Zhuang nationality dance “zhuang zu da ge”, Unaccompanied choral “shan ge nian nian chang chun guang” boutique dance “zhui chao” “qian shou kwan yin” and Kazakh folk song singing.

由新加坡维多利亚舞蹈学院主办,中国广西艺术学院民族艺术团呈献,大型民族舞蹈音乐晚会“中华风情2008”将通过舞蹈、音乐和舞蹈效果,将观众带到遥远的中国广西。 广西艺术学院是中国著名的艺术院校之一,成员多次应邀访问美国、日本、香港、澳门、台湾等地,并在中国国家级权威赛事上斩金夺银,此次该学院带来的节目,是近几年在国家级比赛中获奖的舞蹈音乐作品。晚会将分为“魅力广西”、“锦绣中华”两个部分,以展现中华风情为主线,节目包括广西壮族舞蹈《壮族大歌》、无伴奏合唱《山歌年年唱春光》,精品舞蹈《追溯》、《千手观音》。