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Friendship Dance of the youth

Friendship Dance of the youth <International Youth Chinese dance contest>

May spring flowers blossom and vitality. A quietly between the youth of China and Singapore Chinese Dance Competition in Beijing, China Academy of Music Opera Hall had begun. It is organized by the Singapore Association of Performing Arts and the World Dance Alliance (Singapore), one of the series of activities of multiple dance arts education institutions in China and Singapore co-grand Chinese dance.It is reported that the meeting of the two young people dance exchanges hit a "three firsts".

The first most Dance students exchange between the two countries in the dance series ,so far Singapore has sent the largest number of Chinese dance students to participate in a large-scale activities in China, Singapore sent a total of more than 80 Chinese dance students from government schools, as well as more than 20 teachers and Principal counterparts. China has also sent 300 dance students from arts education institutions to involve in this series of events. This is the most number of students participated between the two countries since China and Singapore established diplomatic relations 20 years ago.

First Singapore - Chinese intercollegiate ethnic Chinese Dance Competition: First International Youth Chinese dance contest. Walked into the stadium, greeted by: a gearing up of the young players of the two countries, eyeing atmosphere arises spontaneously arena such as the battlefield. Stage : players have a move a potential effort to performances; bilateral dance expert judgment, are attentively watching the scoring; Backstage, the players are doing the final preparations before the game seriously end.When the performance finished, results been announces, awards given, we saw touching scene like a picture appeared on the stage: players win or lose, regardless of the results good or bad, everyone suddenly like sisters and brothers giving blessings, hug, and each other gifts ,with joy overwhelming. The atmosphere of lose and win is replace by, Friendship and happiness with them together. . . . I thought: This is the sponsor's intention.  In addition to the results, the players made an exotic Chinese dance confidant.this is still the first time for Singapore to participate in the intercollegiate
ethnic Chinese Dance competition.

In Singapore, those students who came to China to participate in the activities are highly selected from the award of the National Youth Dance Competition by the Ministry of Education he/she is basically representing Singapore today with the highest level of Chinese dance.

With China's leading art institutions, the Beijing Dance Academy and the Chinese Opera Institute affiliated high school dance are leading students to actively participate in making this event in the beginning with a high starting point.The dance students of the two countries together in class, learning together; observe each other, learn from each other; same stage game, fight for the win. These two countries youth dance students are weaving a beautiful story, the a Auld Lang Syne story. We are confident that the Dance Exchange will greatly enhance the understanding in between the youth, indentifying their friendship; at the same time, bring about new opportunities for cultural and art exchanges between Singapore and China.

两国青少年 舞出友谊花 访首届 <国际青少年华族舞蹈大赛>





两国舞蹈学生一起上课,共同学习;互相观摩,取长补短;同台比赛,争取胜出。这些两国青少年舞蹈学生正在编织着一个美丽的故事,一个中-新友谊地久天长的故事。 我们深信,这次的舞蹈交流将大大增进中-新两国青少年的了解、认同与友谊;同时,为新加坡与中国文化艺术的交流与繁荣带来新的契机!